Event – Wine Tasting

SEPT 20th, 5:30PM-7:30 @ Chez Francois(Downtown Concord)


We have a fun talk looking at four myths about investing your money, drinking wine and how they are similar to each other.  Learn how to have a better experience with your IRA, 401k, College Funds, Other Accounts, and enjoying a lovely glass of wine!
There is no cost to attend – though registration is required. 


At this event you will:
    • Separate the myths and facts about successful investing and your wine tasting experience.
    • Discover similarities between investing and wine tasting that affect your experience & outcome.
    • Enhance your enjoyment of drinking wine & improve your investing performance.
    • Learn the four commonly accepted investing myths which are harmful to your IRAs, 401k, college funds, savings and other investments & how they are similar to four myths about wine.
    • And More…


Before the official wine tasting begins, there will be short presentation called “Uncorking the Myths of Investing & Wine.”  This will be a brief informative talk about four myths that are commonly accepted about both.
Keith Laibson, Leo Theriault of Family Wealth Partners and a Fine Wine Consultant will take turns discussing these myths and what each of them have in common.  Followed by a themed wine tasting.




We believe with awareness, education & the correct approach – people planning for retirement, paying for college, or with other financial goals will ratchet up their saving & investing knowledge, resulting in better decisions!


5:30 – 6:00 pm:     Socialize & Light Appetizers.
6:00 – 6:40 pm:     Presentation: “Uncorking the Myths of Investing & Wine”  
6:40 – 7:30 pm:     Themed Wine Tasting & Food Pairings
7:15  –             :     Drawing for gift card ($25)



Union Street (Downtown Concord)


  Join us for … Good Wine, Food and Fun Education.






What this brief video to understand why we host these free educational events for our clients, families, business, their guests, and the community.