Tues Nov 1st in Concord, NC 5:30pm-7:15pm

Every election cycle we get questions and people are asking … what kind of effect does the President have on our IRAs, 401k, and other Investments.  Many people are thinking and want to know if they are doing the right things, and what if anything they should be doing.


  At this Event You will:
  • Discover how markets performed during presidential administrations and what role does a President play in how our investments rise or fall.
  • See how Perceptions & Realities do not always align.
  • Find out how to invest and what to do, despite who is in office.
  • Learn what the media’s role is in all of this.
  • Learn strategies and ways to have greater peace of mind.



Join us as we discuss what role any President plays in how our investments rise or fall.
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 Keith Laibson of Family Wealth Partners will be presenting.  Dinner will be served starting at 5:30pm and The Presidents Effect will begin at 6pm.  Registration is Required.  There is no cost to Attend.  This will be held at The Texas Land & Cattle in Concord, NC.



We believe with awareness, education, and the correct approach; people planning for retirement, paying for college, and other financial goals will improve their saving and investing experience.


Register and join us for … Good Food and Fun Education.

                        Wine Event at Packard            Keith Don't Cheat Action (yr 2014)

  Make sure you are doing the right things with your 401k, IRA and Other investments.  With the current market and economic volatility, it is even more important.