Thursday May 19th in Charlotte, NC 5:30pm-7:30pm

What does Investing and Wine Tasting have in common?  We have put together a fun presentation and discussion that will show you, and will be followed by a themed Wine Tasting.  Seating is limited to 40 people.


  At this Event You will:
  • Separate the myths and facts about successful investing and your wine tasting experience.
  • Discover similarities between investing and wine tasting that affect your experience & outcome.
  • Enhance your enjoyment of drinking wine & improve your investing performance.
  • Learn the four commonly accepted investing myths that are harmful to your IRAs, 401ks, Savings and Other Investments & How they are similar to four myths about wine.



Join us as we uncork the complex and murky worlds of investing and wine tasting to reveal simple truths that will please your palate and your IRA, 401k, other Investments.  Wine graps
Before the official wine tasting begins, there will be a short presentation called “Uncorking the Myths of Investing & Wine”.  This will be a brief, yet informative talk about four myths that are commonly accepted about investing and wine tastings.


Keith Laibson of Family Wealth Partners and Renee Habrack, a Fine Wine Consultant with Wines for Humanity, will take turns discussing these myths and what each of them have in common.  This will be followed with a Themed Wine Tasting paired with food.  This is a great way to combine the things we love most… Good Food, Good Wine and Fun Education that is important to us all.

FWP and Wines for Humanity

The discussion will be informative, helpful, and thought provoking.  There is no cost to attend and we will pay for your parking.


 We believe with awareness, education, and the correct approach; people planning for retirement, paying for college, and other financial goals will improve their saving and investing experience.



Register and join us for … Good Food, Good Wine, and Fun Education.

                        Wine Event at Packard            Keith Don't Cheat Action (yr 2014)

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Make sure you are doing the right things with your 401k, IRA and Other investments.  With the current market and economic volatility, it is even more important.


An example of the investing myths discussed is about the Active vs Passive Activity occurring in many of the products, mutual funds, and other we use.  Many do not even know this is occurring and the impact it has in many areas.  This video talks about that some and gives an example.


Several times a year Family Wealth Partners hosts simple “Investor Education” classes for our clients, guests and the community. These Free workshops provide a program of sound investment information, education and support to help you take control of your financial future.