Family Wealth Partners Bring You Timely Advice on How the Person in the Oval Office Affects your Investing.  With the current market and economic volatility, it is even more important today. 


Every election year we get the same questions from our clients, business associates, family, and friends – “What kind of effect does the President have on my IRA, 401k, or other Investments?”  People want to know if they are doing the right things with their investments based on a new presidential administration and what its resulting influence might be on the economy and stock markets.  They want to know how to react and if they should.pres-effect-w-white-background-half-size
Keith Laibson & Leo Theriault will share their experience and historical evidence to tell you how to:

  • Discover how markets performed during presidential administrations, and what role a President plays in how our investments rise or fall.
  •  See how perceptions can differ from reality.
  • Find out how to invest and what to do, despite who is in office.
  • Learn the media’s role in affecting our investment choices and decisions.
  • Acquire money strategies that will bring you greater peace of mind.
  •  And More…




We believe with awareness, education, and the correct approach that people planning for retirement, paying for college, or with other financial goals will ratchet up their saving, investing knowledge … and empower themselves to make better investment decisions!


There is no cost to attend, but registration is required.


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       5:15 – 5:30 pm:     Doors Open & Order Dinner
      6:00 pm:     Presentation
      7:00 pm:     Q & A



                        Wine Event at Packard            Keith Don't Cheat Action (yr 2014)

  Join us for … Good Food and Fun Education.


People ask us why we host these education events.  Watch this brief video to understand why.  We do these for our clients, their guests and the community.  These free workshops provide a program of sound investment information, education and support to help you take control of your financial security.