Several times a year Family Wealth Partners hosts Investor Education Events for our clients, their guests, and local community. These Free workshops provide a program of sound investment information, education and support to help you take control of your financial present and future.
To be notified as they are schedule, simply provide us with your email.  We will not use your information to sell any products or services.  That is our promise.


List of Events & Classes

“Uncork the Myths of Investing Your Money and Wine Tasting Myths followed by a Themed Wine Tasting”

We have a fun talk looking at four myths about investing your money, drinking wine and how they are similar to each other.  Learn how to have a better experience with your IRA, 401k, College Funds, Other Accounts, and enjoying a lovely glass of wine!

“Don’t Cheat Yourself” 

Learn how to recognize if someone is speculating and gambling with your money.  How to determine if your 401k, IRA, or Other Investments are truly diversified.  How to beware of the ways the financial media confuses and overwhelms everyday savers and investors.

“Gearing for the Next Stock Market Crash or Boom” 

With all the volatility in the stock market, what are we to do? How should we handle our investments like our IRA, 401(k) and College Funds?  Get answers on investing during & in anticipation of a Stock Market Crash or Boom

The President’s Effect”

When it comes to the Presidents Effect on our investments, stock market and the economy, what we are really asking is how does this affect me? How will an election and who is in the Whitehouse going effect the Economy, Governments, and Ultimately the Stock Markets – not just USA but globally.  This discussion looks at all of this, how our perceptions, what we think, often is NOT aligned with reality and how the media overwhelms and Confuses us.

“Couch to 1 Million”

“Examining Your Expectations”

“Choosing Your Investment Philosophy & Building a Better Portfolio”

“Conscious Investing for Peace of Mind” 

“Main Street Money (Movie)”

“Navigating the Fog of Investing. (Movie)”

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